Friday, November 19, 2010


I am such a list-y girl. to-do lists are my favorite - daily at work, weekly for home stuff, weekend to-dos seasonal to-dos, crafty projects, menu planning lists, party planning lists (for the rare time these days when we actually entertain!), packing lists, shopping lists...anyway, you get the idea.

Here is a real-life example in which names are changed. Most of it will be gibberish to anyone but me, but looking at my lists makes me laugh. I mean have you ever checked out Martha's to-do lists in Living? She does like one thing a day? No, I don't think so. (And yes, it is true that there were 3 different going away parties at work today. Yes, that is a little freaky and depressing - although 2 of them are people transferring to different jobs at other sites for our company in Europe so I guess it's not really good-bye but farewell?  But I only made it to one out of 3 anyway...)

To-Do Friday Nov. 19th
  • BB check email (work)
  • quick check email (home)
  • TC @8am re: compound XXX
  • deal with flagged emails
  • So-and-so's Research meeting@11am
  • going-away luncheon for Dr. X
  • workout (? not sure I'll be able to make small grp training, so come up with plan)
  • scan and send out copies of signed blah blah documents
  • review new blah blah presentation and send feedback to boss-man
  • finalize travel plan for Dec F2F
  • come up with 2010 hits and misses, plus some goals for 2011 and send to boss-man
  • going away party for Dr. C at 3:30pm
  • make appearance at company social - theme "Courage" (?WTF)
  • clean desk piles
  • going away dinner for Mr. BD - probably need to decline
  • pick up Wild Thing at 5:30 (he wants to do 6pm KF)
  • what's for dinner? (heh. pizza and a movie)
  • take photos of FO (rainy today - try weekend)
  • finish blog post from last night

Since the holidays are nearly upon us, I've got lists going for gifts, especially handmade ones. But the list I haven't thought about much is a wish-list for myself. Now I've got a new category of wish-list that is sort of like a to-do list - things I'd like to try in 2011. Sewing wise, I'd like to be brave enough to make some clothing. Basic skirts are not too scary, pajama pants are high on the list because I don't have to wear them in public, but I have knits on my mind (remember?) too. And voile for a shirt or dress - I've never sewn with this either, but there are some very pretty fabrics out there.

An on-line fabric shop I've recently purchased quilting fabric from, Above All Fabric, added a wish list feature to their site. The challenge was to build a list and blog about it to have a chance to win a gift certificate. This offer came out last weekend, but I really couldn't figure out what to put on a wish list from a fabric store without going crazy and putting a bazillion fabrics on there (and I don't have that kind of time!). Then I thought I should think about my vague plans for garment sewing and find maybe a couple of patterns and new (to me) fabrics like voile. The pattern that appealed to me most on their site is "Liverpool" by Amy Butler - a shirt/tunic/dress pattern that features bold prints - I figure using a vibrant busy fabric would help compensate for amateur sewing skills (but I could be making a terrible miscalculation!)

Some possible fabrics? There are these lovely voile prints from Anna Maria Horner -

I also have on this wishlist a scarf pattern booklet that I'd seen somewhere else on a blog that I remember looked promising...

Anyway, I'm still too bogged down in gift list-o-mania to spend too much time dreaming about new projects for 2011. BUT, that's what a list is good for too - keeping track of fun ideas.

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