Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Craft - a little leafy wreath project

Last year I picked up a couple packages of faux oak leaves in the clearance bin somewhere. I stuck them in the "Halloween and Fall Decor" box and forgot about them. They are sort of a fabric/plastic hybrid stuff (made in China, so who knows), but they look quite nice and not plastic-y.  I have no idea what I had in mind when I bought them, so they were sitting around on the buffet in the dining room waiting for an idea.  I thought a wreath would be nice, but never made the trip to the craft store to buy a wreath to tack them onto. I figured I could pin them to a foam wreath, or hot glue to a grapevine wreath...I hadn't decided.

Then Wild Thing pulled a coil of wire out of my wire and ribbon box in the craft corner while we were looking for a ribbon for a bell he found to tie into a necklace for him. At first I snapped at him a little for uncoiling it since I couldn't get it back in the box easily...but immediately I thought maybe it could be fashioned into a circle to make a wreath.  So I set out sticking the end through the leaves and experimenting with how to arrange them.

I tried to convince Wild Thing that this would be a fun craft to do with me, but he was not persuaded.
Then I tried to entice Teen Wonder, but I don't think she even took her earbud out long enough to hear a complete sentence. In her defense, she is writing a novel this month for NaNoWriMo. So okay. I was on my own...

Once they were all strung, I just wrapped the wire ends and fashioned a little loop to hang it with.  I had to fuss around with the shape of the wire and with the leaves to minimize the amount of wire showing. Then after I hung it on the door I had to do that again. A drop of glue here and there would probably minimize the shifting around of the leaves - we'll see after a day or two.

voila! A little Fall crafty for a Sunday afternoon.

In other news, I am overcoming my fear of free-motion quilting.  So far, not too bad though my stitches are all over the map in length. I'm sure I will get better and hopefully the recipients don't know much about quilting!

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