About me


I am a working mother of two, and a (sort of) scientist who tries to find time for creative (i.e. more immediate gratification) projects on the side. Most of my crafty time is spent knitting or sewing, but I have a huge stash of almost every imaginable craft supply in my crowded craft corner of our basement.  I do crafty projects with my kids, try vaious holiday crafts, I have a Gocco that I've used only a handful of times, I've done beaded jewelry projects, and  I also take on very ambitious birthday party themes for my kids which include matching cakes and crafts.  I've followed crafty blogs for years and decided to give it a try myself!

I don't write a lot of personal detail on this blog and don't use my family's real names as a rule. So here are the code names: Mr. Wonderful is my absolutely terrific and understanding husband; Teen Wonder is, um, a teenage girl; and Wild Thing is my little boy. With 10 years between the two kids, life is always an adventure!  All of them are very appreciative of the things I make for them (fortunately), and my children think that having a craft obsessed mother is usually okay since it makes her less cranky.