Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby, it's a coin quilt!

Time for another baby quilt!  Wild Thing has been sick this week and going to bed very early, so I had a couple of evenings with time to work on a project.  I've managed finally to give up a more complex plan for this quilt (more on that another time) and am using a very straightforward coin quilt design.  It's my first coin quilt, but I foresee more of these in my future.

I just sketched up the dimensions and used a Tweet Tweet by Keiki charm pack plus cream muslin. The back is a nice Valori Wells flannel. I'll show pictures of the final quilt once I figure out how I should quilt it and then put on a binding. I'm thinking something pink for the binding because 1) it's for a baby girl, and 2) the colors aren't too girly on purpose, but the flannel a green agapanthus print making it even less girly. Pink binding could draw out the pinks in the Tweet Tweet and contrast with the green. But I don't have anything suitable in my stash, so it's a little mission for the weekend (darn, I'll have to go to the quilt shop). This baby is coming within the next 2-4 weeks so there's no time to waste!

I used this tutorial from Quilt Taffy for a quilt as you go baby coin quilt with somewhat different dimensions. Overall I'm pretty happy with it so far - though I'm not sure my stacks are as straight as they could be.  I started out pinning like crazy (see below), but ended up with fewer and fewer each strip until I just just had a couple at the top and that was it. The tutorial advises more pins due to shifting of the layers.  I think this is probably true, but after the first 3 strips the layers were more stabilized.


  1. Fun fabrics and great tutorial. I'm working on a quilt as you go project, too, but am quite a bit farther from finished, life being what it is. I've been cleaning up the craft studio/office and came across "Wild Things" arrival announcement! Seems like so many, many moons ago...another lifetime practically! Sorry he's under the weather, but glad Mama got some time to quilt!

  2. That baby girl will be very lucky to have such a lovely quilt. Looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing the final result. :)