Friday, October 1, 2010

taking a day off...sort of

Back from another business trip Wednesday nite, and today I'm taking a day off. Well, sort of - it's a vacation day from work, but it's always a bad sign when you sort of feel yucky and just want to go to sleep, but your mind is racing with all the things you should do that you never get time to do because of work and kids.

So I'm plotting a compromise: some coffee and internet browsing (oh snap! I can already check that off my list!), some yoga, some unpacking and laundry, maybe a nap, and then I've promised to pick up Wild Thing from school. I worked from home and picked him up yesterday, and it really seems like a good thing to try and do whenever I can right now. First grade is tough for a Wild Thing, and he's working on it really hard!

Anyway, I wanted to point out the new link over on the right, because I was browsing stuff to try out on a grey Friday afternoon with a Wild Thing, and stumbled on this:  The Toymaker !!

Wow! It is chock full of free paper craft toys and lovely little projects to print out and make and share.
There are several Halloween crafts, like these:

I strongly encourage you all to take your inner child over there right away! And if you have external children around of any age, share with them too. Just a little cardstock, scissors, and glue required (plus a printer, duh.)

The Toymaker, aka Marilyn Scot, has a new Christmas book I'm planning to pick up down at Books, Inc. if it's come out yet - looks like a great little present! 

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