Sunday, September 26, 2010

If it's Sunday, I must be packing again...

I'm off to the Mother Ship in Basel for work this week. Summer was so nice and quite travel-wise, and we had some REAL actual family vacation time this year - 2 weeks in Europe (yes, I had to work in Basel a few days in the middle, but it was a great time!), 1 week at the Lair, Tahoe swim meet, 2 different weekend camping trips. We've not been that busy having family fun trips in a few years!

So it is a bit of a shock coming back to this reality.  Last week I was in Tucson for a work meeting - we have a business there in tissue diagnostics, Ventana (now owned by the Mother Ship). Anyway, I really loved the landscape around Tucson, and our hosts were terrific. I wanted to move there and try something new after a couple of days!  Of course, we couldn't do that to Teen Wonder now that she's less than 2 years away from graduating. But it really is beautiful there. Mr. Wonderful claims we wouldn't survive a summer there. He may be right... We did a 6am hike in a local state park on Wednesday - the rain was coming and it was very humid. I just didn't expect that at all - but I've never been there before so what do I know?
a snapshot across a little creek in the park...I wish I'd gotten some good closeups of the saguaro. and next time I want to go to the Saguaro National Park which I hear is nearby and quite fantastic.  Maybe in the spring when all the wildflowers will be in bloom...
Anyway, crafty-wise it's important for me to pick out portable knitting projects for my travels. Teen Wonder's hoodie vest is no longer portable since I'm wrapping up the last panel and need to assemble to start the hood. I have another sweater project to frog and refashion, I think I have some socks somewhere that I started so I'd better find those today before I have to leave again.

I did take dear Megan's quilt top and back to the shop yesterday to commission the quilting. Although it will be 3 weeks before I get it back, I still think it's a better bet than trying to finish it myself. I'd be rushing and fitting it into small timeslots so it wouldn't be a fancy job even if I did have the skills (which I don't yet) - I'd just have to stitch straight lines in the ditch, or tack the quilt down...anyway, it's off and will be beautiful I am sure.

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