Wednesday, September 15, 2010

experiment with music...

So, if you hate the music thing, just turn it off (player in the sidebar) and leave me a comment. If there were people reading my blog, and they hated the music, then I'll take it off. I'm not sure how much this matters so far. I mean, I do have a follower now (yay!), but not much traffic so far.  

Why the music? Well, I mentioned I've been checking out other blogs...and also adding links to them (also see sidebar). There is a cool one "A La Mode Fabric" where you get music when you go there, and I really like her playlist and also wondered how and where the music was being generated. Which led me to "", which led me to create a playlist (stealing liberally from the alamode playlist which you can do with the push of a button) and figure out how to post it here. It's free! And if you like it you can pop out the player and keep listening while you navigate away from my site in a few seconds from now.

it's an experiment, and hey! I am a scientist...

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