Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teen Wonder is having a birthday!!

But at the moment, I'm the one with the new present to open!  What is it?
(duh. there are limited choices: fabric, yarn, craft porn, or a real be-lated birthday present)

ta-da!! FABRIC!
(First off, I need to start taking photos with a real camera instead of my blackberry. But it's the fastest path to a post, so for now this is what I've got...)

This is only my second time buying the MODA pre-cuts. I have a Layer Cake of holiday fabric to make a quilt for the sofa during that season (which is by the way a very wierd concept for me, and we certainly don't have any storage space to accomodate a seasonal rotation of throw quilts!).  And these, the charm square "Tweet Tweet" pack, and the Candy Bar pack (wow!) stemmed from the list of baby quilt projects I had. But really I only needed enough to make a specific quilt that needed one+ charm pack plus the muslin and backing (the red and orange floral there). How did I end up with the extra candy bar pack?!

I'm so weak.

Anyway, it really is the Teen Wonder's 16th birthday, so I'm off to get her ice cream cake and wrap presents, because yes I did get her some presents of her own.  Can you imagine my end of that dialog? "hey, happy birthday honey! look what came in the mail for ME?" "oh, make you a quilt?" "yeah, I'll get to that at some point"..."soon, I promise."  But I got her a Flip camera instead. And her stepdad got her some cool t-shirts from some site she loves online (can't remember at the moment), and her brother got her something silly...so we'll have a little party later.  Saturday was spent taking Teen Wonder and her friends to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. That was really fun (though exhausting!)  It has been more years than I can even think since I've been on so many rides in one day. They have THE BEST roller coaster in the world there too. I always have to ride it at least twice.  I had to buy Teen Wonder a new sweatshirt because the fog rolled in and she forgot to bring one (I'm sure this was a trick to get a memento from her birthday party!). It was really cold! But the girls soldiered on (one of them had to buy some jeans!). 

party on!

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