Thursday, September 16, 2010

another one down!

Okay, another project to tick off my list! And in time for a baby shower that is coming up on Saturday for a couple who we are SOOOO happy for!  But I did have to be creative about picking something relatively simple that I could finish in the time constraint.  There are numerous imperfections...mostly due to using the minkee fabric for the backing. It stretches, and doesn't feed through well even with a walking the minimal quilting I did do resulted in some loose/puckered parts on the back and some uneven stitching.

BUT, the overall result is darn cute. And the minkee is very hopefully the overall result was worth the minkee.  In the future, I would reserve minkee to smaller baby quilt projects. And it will probably be easier the second time... so we will see.

cute Funky Monkey panel center...

dotty Minkee backing
final quilt - something like 40 x 50" give or take.
I used flannel for a batting to keep the weight lighter, and just sewed laters together and turned with a topstitch edge rather than binding. The borderlines are quilted, and concentric rectangles around the monkey headshot squares.

Yay!  Now, Megan's quilt next, and then another baby quilt, and then the Christmas quilt, and then also I need to figure out how to hang our Kaz Dream Quilts (one for Wild Thing and one for us - I had totally forgotten about those, but Mr. Wonderful reminded me about that tonight...), and then also the cute Japanese fabric for Teen Wonder - still haven't figured out the best pattern for those. Worst thing is that I went to Beverly's and browsed through fabric but couldn't figure out the best accent fabrics to use. It's sort of a chicken and egg thing with the quilt design since that would make a big difference in the choices.

Also have some knitting projects to attend to - still progressing on Teen Wonder's hoodie vest, but haven't been spending much time knitting (obviously).

Anyway, it feels good to finish a project no matter how large or small!

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