Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(No) time for a quickie?

(NOTE: I had to delay this post, beacuse Blogger or my connection or both conspired to force me to go to work rather than post on my blog by not letting me attach more than one photo. boo. Here is the post now with the photos included...)

At 9:01am on a Monday?  Not really...as I've taken too long to get all my (bleep) together for work this morning already. But since some of what I was doing was work, I'm going to justify a really quick post because I had me some fun with kids and Halloween yesterday and things are a bit bleak around here (and not just because of weather, but that certainly adds to the gloomy weightiness of it)...so viva la craft!

Firstly, we (meaning I) dragged out the box of decorations from years past, and we (meaning I) sorted through it all and put up what I could muster any enthusiasm for. Wild Thing picked out a few things and taped them up too, bless his heart. I think he will be prove to be the most willing participant in my fervor for holiday craziness over the years.  Case in point - Wild Thing helped me to christen the "skull cake" mold that I bought online in a compulsive craft shopping moment weeks ago.

Cool, huh?

I saw this cake pan on Not Martha several weeks ago and became quickly obsessed with finding one and then I did in short order. online. duh.

Here is the mold itself (used and unwashed), and we made the "Carrot Pound Cake" made from the recipe in the box:

While this was baking and cooling, we were meanwhile in the next room with paper, scissors, and glue (and pens and pencils and crayons...)  It was your basic garden-variety craft explosion!

We ended up with some pretty spooky and fun things to put up around the house in support of one of the best holidays of the year!

Get ready for a great Halloween!!

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