Sunday, October 24, 2010

Megan was here!

She and her sweet man came over and went to church with our family today. It was so great to see her - and we had brunch at Ole's, so what could be better?

(Thanks for braving the storm and coming across the bay to be with us!!)

Also I had a chance to give her the quilt I've been working on...and that I had to use yesterday to teach myself how to put a binding on without hand stitching. Thanks to some great tutorials out there, I managed it with minor hitches. I basically followed the one over at Red Pepper Quilts - and I would say that pinning is probably a good idea (I didn't), and that I hope my technique will improve over time because it was a lot faster than hand stitching and my results were not as picture perfect as those shown in the tutorial.  Now I have no excuse for not finishing OUR bed quilt! It's raining today, so maybe I will put some time into that.

Anyway, here are some shots of the final piece - Megan's Quilt. I think that between this project and Angela's quilt, I may be completely out of Heather Ross save a few small scraps. I just love these prints!!

The quilting was done by Patty via QuiltFans - the second time I've used her, and I will definitely again in the future.  I asked her to choose something pretty that would complement the piecing and prints, and to stitch in some extra Mojo for Megan's health.  I think she definitely came through (and I'm officially addicted to having someone else quilt anything larger than a small lap quilt!). Isn't the flower stitching great?

Not sure what's up with the lighting...our house feels pretty dark with the weather today.  So we laid it out on the table for a couple last shots - it's all crinkly now after wash and dry yesterday.

and the back...


  1. Wonderful quilt and love the fabric!

  2. Beautiful! Lovely quilt.

    Stopping by from Fabric Tuesday