Thursday, August 26, 2010

more on Serger obsession...

Well, I asked for a serger for my birthday. But not a fancy Husqvarna one, because that is not in our budget. I asked DH for a Brother 1034D  because it gets great reviews all over the web, it IS in a reasonable budget range, and I have been obsessed with having a serger lately. 

I guess if some miracle occurs and I win a fancy serger in a contest I can always return the gift, but I figured I'd hedge my bets. I have projects to do!!
  1. wrap dress with knit fabric I've had for about 2 years, and the pattern I bought a month ago in anticipation that I would have a serger at long last.
  2. T-shirt quilt for Teen Wonder - I think a serger would make it possible to piece without having to fuse stabilizer to all the t-shirt fragments...but I could be wrong about this. It will be an EXPERIMENT! yay!
  3. napkins and/or tablecloth. I hate and refuse to buy paper napkins for everyday use - we have cloth ones but they do get nasty stained after awhile and it would be so fun to make some out of fabric that I love. A patchwork tablecloth could be fun too...but even being able to make some out of inexpensive broadcloth to match cool napkins would be great.  *It should be noted that no one else in my house notices the color coordinated sets that we already have and that our table never is set in a matchy-matchy way unless I'm doing the setting...which isn't my chore anymore thanks to Teen Wonder.
  4. 5 minute skirt from Angry Chicken which only takes 5 minutes if you have a serger (and if you are sober and have all supplies on hand...but never mind those other requirements if you don't have the serger!)
  5. Christmas handmade gifts that have yet to be identified but which will obviously be easier to whip out with a serger. duh.

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