Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kitchen explosions!

Lot of cooking going here in the past 24 hours!  Last night an old friend from graduate school visited, and I invited several other friends and family who know him to come for a dinner party. I am hooked on and made a recipe I'd already tried for Scallop Ceviche, then a new one for a Grilled Tri-tip (with Tequila Marinade) and a Tomato Relish.  YUM!

I would make the marinade again and maybe the relish too (easy and tasty, but not essential for the meal).  The good thing about having friends like these over is that they couldn't care less that your kitchen looks like a bomb hit it and you didn't vacuum and the bathroom is sort of grungy looking... as long as the food is good, you are all set!

A "mini-reunion" of some grad school friends. (sorry for tiny picture - I'll get better at the logistics of bloggin)

Today is all about making a blueberry pie for my dear Megan - we're going over for a visit this afternoon and what is more healing than a fresh blueberry pie?  So the kitchen is a mess again, but it sure smells good in here!

Still in the oven...


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