Friday, August 6, 2010

Inaugural Post: The LEGO Cake!

After years of following blogs, drooling over photos of knitting/quilts/baked goods/craft tutorials - I've set up a blog. What pushed me over the edge?
the LEGO cake.
When you spend a lot of time on a project, Facebook and Flickr just aren't enough to fulfill the urge to share (boast?). Anyway, I spend an inordinate amount of time planning birthday parties for the kids. It is a long-standing tradition by now and includes esoteric themes (Chinese Wizard Dragon Party, anyone?) with all accompanying accoutrement such as custom cakes, decorations, games, and even costume items. This year was "Bionicle/Lego" theme. Among our many special preparations, the best were: 1) invitations crafted from downloaded images including a special lego boy wearing a batman T-shirt; 2) the ingenious idea to haul the old train table into the backyard (party site) and dump a 6 pound box of LEGOs from ebay onto it; and 3) the LEGO cake!

yes - it turned out pretty well! This was a time consuming project though...

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