Friday, April 6, 2012

This little piggy went to Market...

Actually, THIS little piggy has been to Tucson, Nutley NJ, and San Diego all in the space of 3 weeks. The last trip was a spring break family mini-vacation...but my point being that I haven't been at my sewing machine or craft space for over 3 weeks.  But fortunately, knitting is portable so I usually have something on the needles to work on.

I've also taken on a couple of writing challenges lately - one was to write in a Gratitude Journal every day during Lent. The other is that I'm participating in the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge over on my other blog.

My Friday Finish this week are these "Pudgy Piggy Slippers" (I'm playing with my camera settings and post-processing, so the colors are a bit different. I guess the bottom photo is more accurate, but I like the top photo.

Here is the story about these slippers. My super cute niece and god-daughter sent me a letter several weeks ago with one of those free patterns that you can pull off a tablet hanging in the yard aisles at Michaels.  For these slippers.  She "fell in love with them" and her mom told her that while she couldn't make the slippers, her Aunty Janet could. (!)

Only problem?  I don't know (or didn't know) how to crochet.  So I went back and reviewed some of the Crochet School lessons at CraftyMinx. Then I had to go to to download a full size version of the pattern because my old eyes couldn't handle the teeny version from the craft store. The pattern is all done in SC (single crochet), so I thought I could tackle it.

And of course because it's my first crochet experience, I had to rip out the first slipper after the second one looked better and more it was actually a fairly "big" project. But I can single crochet like nobody's fool now - increases, decreases, circles...Next project needs to use some other stitches so I can learn those too.

Miss Thing's Birthday was Sunday, but we were out of town - and the slippers weren't finished yet. But I'll see her on Easter - I hope they fit! I hope I remember to take a photo with them on!  Here is the Red Heart photo she fell in love with.

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  1. Those are great slippers, Janet. You are a rocking aunt!

  2. those pig slippers are so cute! And you are such a sweet Aunt to learn to crochet just so you could make them :) thanks for linking up today at TGIFF!

  3. How great is that? You did a fantastic job and your niece will love them.

  4. First time crocheting? Well done!

  5. Cute little piggy slippers. You did a beautiful job.

  6. very cute slipperz...even CUTE-ER model that's wearing them!

    proud to be one of your followers!