Friday, April 13, 2012

oh, is it really Friday? okay, lemme show you my Honey Cowl

I haven't had much time to do anything crafty lately - and when I do it's back to 10-15 minutes here or there. Or portable knitting (and crochet as I shared last week!).

So, this week I finished my Honey Cowl.  I really like it. I like the whole "cowl movement" that seems to have happened. I love my scarves, but they seem to drift around on my and then next thing I know I'll have a long tail getting caught in the car door. Flapping in the wind. yup.

I think I showed this way long ago as a WIP - it has been an on again/off again project for me. Nice and portable, but lower priority than, say, learning to crochet to make Piggy slippers (big hit! yay!)

Super easy but interesting stitch - the pattern is called "Honey cowl" - I'm thinking because of the honeycomb look?  Anyway, it's available as a free download on if you want to check it out.  This one is made of Rowan Cashsoft which has some amount of cashmere. It's a really neutral color and that's very unusual for me unless I'm knitting for Mr. Wonderful. But I'm loving it so far.

 Cody thinks it should be a cat cowl. But he is sadly mistaken.

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  1. Your cowl looks great, Janet! I used to love wearing scarves, but the whole tail thing bugged me too. I'm so tempted to try a cowl now. Great finish! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!