Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cool new blog banner - we have the technology

Okay, maybe I'm overly excited about my new banner - but I stumbled on this tutorial by Jennifer at "That Girl...that quilt" and tried it out and produced this more interesting, more polished looking banner for my blog. And it was easy enough that I can do it periodically to update the look.

With Blogger, I started this blog with a minimum of fuss using the standard template choices. Then later I tried putting a personalized photo in my blog banner - with some mixed success. Now I have some idea how to customize any photo in Flickr with their built in Picnik editing tools to add text, borders, and resize to use as a banner, BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!  With Jennifer's tutorial, she walks you through how to use BigHugeLabs to make a photo mosaic and then edit it in Picnik on Flickr.  So much cooler even!

Only tricky piece for me as a total neophyte to the Flickr world (in spite of having an account there for a couple of years now) was locating the Picnik application for editing my mosaic. If any of you are in that boat, here's the deal - open the photo in your photostream and up in the left corner there you'll find a little "Actions" pull down menu. Toward the bottom of the list is "Edit with Picnik".

Everything else you need to know is in Jennifer's tutorial! Pretty cool, huh?

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