Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway loot - a belated thank you!

On May 23rd, it was one of the Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway days - this crazy day when bloggers all over the world give stuff away - handmade things, craft supplies, etc.  I only entered a small number of them from among blogs I already follow because the SMS lists of giveaways were just too overwhelming for me and I didn't want to spend my entire day entering (which one probably could have done quite easily especially since you see all these interesting new blogs in the process).

Anyway, I WON one of the best giveaways (IMHO) from Suzanne at Girl For All Seasons!!  She was so prompt shipping my prize that I've had it for well over a week (maybe nearly 2) and I haven't had a chance to share.

Suzanne actually has better photos in the original giveaway post here, in which you can see that all the fabric pieces and scraps are tucked inside the beautiful patchwork pouch.
Like this:

And here is the full pouch - isn't it awesome? I love the hand stitching detail! 

 She didn't show the inside of the pouch - a cheerful gingham -

Here are the stack of fabrics - photo from Suzanne's blog:

And a few more details of these cute bits - many are Japanese prints I've never seen before.

The Robots were a favorite with Wild Thing and Teen Wonder.  I may need to search some more out because Wild Thing wants a library book bag made out of this for the summer. I may need to entice him with something else from my stash and use this for a pocket accent...

So Thank you Suzanne!!  It's funny because I nominated her blog for the "Stylish Blogger Award" awhile ago - I love her blog and I'm so glad I've been following it!


  1. Those are great -- lucky you!

  2. Oh I love that yellow giraffe print! How cute!

  3. I'm so glad everything arrived and it sounds like you have good plans for the fabric. Please be sure to share pictures!