Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Happy - my prize package arrived!

But, I didn't get to taking any actual photos of the box, or the super cheerful yellow polka-dot tissue, or even the books...because it is that kind of week and I am getting ready for one more business trip (until end of June anyway)...and we had this fantastic weekend at our Parish Retreat, but that means no laundry or grocery shopping got done, and I have "can't miss" business meetings this week so I can't just take a day off right now...

(deep breath)

But, you can always link to URL photos, so I am going to do that and share the books that arrived yesterday!

Lark Crafts was one of the sponsors of the Fat Quarterly Reader's Competition or which I recently was honored to have been chosen as one of the winners (not sure about the grammar in that sentence, but see above for my lame excuse).

They sent me four (4!) lovely books:

Hand sewing scares me a little because I am not very good at it, and I have some hand issues...but there are some absolutely wonderful projects in here. I think I can hybrid many of them to machine sew much of it and then embellish or hand sew where machine is not feasible. I love the idea of portable projects (though that may cut into my knitting time!)  And I already had a request for a tote bag that is in this book from Teen Wonder!
Teen Wonder also requested a cactus. She doesn't sew, so the pincushion aspect is not so relevant for her, but nevermind!  I love using my scraps now that I've done enough projects to actually have a reasonable collection. So cool!

So many babies, so little time!  This book is absolutely charming to thumb through and will be living on the coffee table for quite awhile within arms reach!

Since I'm self-taught and still have so much to learn, a book for beginner's is perfect! But the Dresden plate quilt in this book doesn't look so beginner to me (maybe they are easier than they look?! I'm skeptical).

Thanks again to Lark Books and to Fat Quarterly!!

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