Thursday, May 5, 2011

Excellent last minute Mother's Day craft gift!

(Mom if you are here, just look away now and come back after you get my card in the mail)

Having no time to breathe means that you may have to resort to store-bought cards and little else for the moms in your life.  But I stumbled on this tutorial today, and decided to procrastinate on packing for my trip long enough to make 3 sets of them.
One for my own mother, who I admire so much and with whom I have developed the greatest friendship.  Every year I learn that I'm more like her than I thought and now I hope I can retire at a reasonable age and follow her example there as well!
One for my mother-in-law, who never ever makes me feel I should be something different from what I am. She's been that way since the day I met her - a divorced single mother dating her (marvelous) son. Mr. Wonderful must be that way for a reason!
And one for my step-mother who deserves a medal because she is in love with my father, which has saved him I am sure, and she's such a generous person.

If you go to the link at "Mufn Inc" (here it is again), you'll find the free printable cards, the free printable tutorial to include, and instructions on how to make the tissue paper flowers (assembled, but flat-packed for mailability!)  genius!!

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