Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yikes! Blogs can suffer when life gets in the way...

I actually do have some crafty things to post about, but need to photo the couple of gifts I've managed to finish up in the past few weeks.  Since December started I've been crazy busy, not least with a serious bout of a stomach flu thing that started while I was overseas for a business trip. After a week in a Swiss hospital/clinic I had to be transported home via a private air ambulance service or I would probably still be stuck in Europe! It's a long story, but suffice to say I am on back home now and on the mend.  Sadly, along with other casualties of lost time (like Christmas shopping, cookie making, caroling with the kids, holiday parties...) has been my lofty plans for quilts and other handmade gifts this year. So I'll have another post or two to make when I finish some of the unfinished projects later.

As a side note: On the plus side, I'm about halfway back down to my WW Lifetime goal weight. I've been putting off actually losing any weight for a few years (and slowly gaining more each year) with the excuse of being too busy to diet. I like to eat too.  So, not eating much for a week and now eating only the same 5 foods until my tummy recovers sort of forced that issue. Not a recommended way to get back to goal weight. It's my own personal holiday weight-loss plan - don't try this at home!  Too bad a high percent is probably muscle mass too, but what would a New Year be without some good old-fashioned resolutions?

Preview list of FOs to post in next few days: Heather Hoodie Vest for Teen Wonder (knit), also knit - Man Cowl for Mr. Wonderful + Man-child version for Wild Thing (so match-y!), and for Wild Thing a Finn Hat. This last one is not really not an FO yet - taking a little longer since it's made up and I had to draft a pattern for it. There is actually a pattern and tutorial for a Finn Hat online.  You can even buy them on Etsy already made.  It's cute, but it's different from what I envisioned in my head so I'm trying my own version.  After the pattern drafting, my planned version is much simpler to whip-up - but of course I haven't seen the result yet so it could be a disaster first attempt only that I'll need to refine after Christmas. If successful, maybe I'll try a semi-tutorial...but let's see.

Since most of you probably don't know what the heck a "Finn Hat" is - Finn is a character in a hi-larious cartoon called Adventure Time (along with Jake the Dog) and he always wears this hat.

Well - in the event that I don't actually manage to post tomorrow I won't have time until after Christmas so happy happy holidays to you all (my five or so readers)! I hope you feel as blessed as I do!

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