Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho! - why having a crafty stash is so important...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Just a quick post to illustrate why stashing is such a life-saver during the holiday last minute, I can't stand the idea of going out shopping, wouldn't a project be fun times.

First, Wild Thing wasn't wild about shopping for his grandparents since we usually make something for them every year. But we had only gotten through the teacher/caregiver set of gifts before my fateful trip. So we needed a plan B fast!  I have boxes of various crafty things - not only fabric, not only yarn, not only thread and interfacing and all that jazz...but also glues, paints, glitter, wire, foil of many colors, beads and beading supplies, ribbon, shiny bits of confetti like things - snowflakes, stars, pointsettas, etc.  Also I had on hand some clear glass ornaments. So... I set Wild Thing loose with empty glass ornaments and ribbons, beads, shiny confetti like things...and he quickly whipped out half a dozen beauties. There were only 2 left unwrapped before I thought to take a photo, but you get the idea:

Example #2: Quick patchwork scarf gift - I had leftover fleece from the Finn Hat project (more on that later), and happen to have a bunch of little pre-cut Moda prints in their "candy bar" size (2.5" x 5").  So I stitched 31 of these in Bliss prints together in a long strip, pressed the seams, and stitched it to the fleece, wrong sides together, leaving one short end open. Turn, press, and topstitch the opening closed and around the entire periphery and voila!  A sweet scarf!  The Bliss prints have a holiday sort of color combination, but aren't Christmas-y, so it's pretty versatile. I hope the recipient will like it!  This took me maybe an hour to put together, but only because I already had everything sitting right there on my cutting table and the machine all threaded with white thread and ready to go!

(modeled by Wild Thing - but he is not the recipient of this one!)
Stash on!

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