Monday, February 20, 2012

Dragon Slayer!

Today was a school holiday of course, and Mr. Wonderful is a public servant, so he had the day off too. What could I do?  Even though I hadn't finished my presentation for 8am tomorrow morning, I took a vacation day to spend with the family.

We took BART into SF and visited the Children's Creativity Museum at Yerba Buena Gardens -it used to be called Zeum, but we'd never been there before.  There are several different studios and labs where kids of various ages can create, invent, build, record, compose, etc etc. It was pretty fun!  Teen Wonder and I made a claymation video - neither of us really knew what we were doing, so the video runs too fast to catch all the details. Watch it a few times so you can see the pool of blood, for example!

Note that the Dragon Slayer is a hot babe - Teen Wonder built her! Check out the insignia on her shield (my contribution)! See how the terrified villager comes back and kisses her feet!  You really do have to watch it more than once. Next time we do something like this we will definitely add some frames to pause and slow down the action more.

Viva La Dragon Slayer!

I have some other creative projects underway, but WIPs only, so I'll have to come back later in the week with some photos and updates.  Happy President's Day - I hope some of you had worthy adventures too!

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