Tuesday, January 24, 2012

True Blue cowl to warm in this stormy weather

Another catch up post...

so, I had 3 balls of this squishy blue Debbie Bliss Como yarn and thought it would make a nice cowl - I'm seeing more and more of this style (i.e. cowl vs scarf). Yay Ravelry - I love Ravelry.  After some searching through the pattern database I found a pattern for this mobius cowl made from the same yarn!

The stitch was an interesting one - I noticed that some knitters used a traditional seed stitch, and I almost started over to do that at one point, but I decided to stay with the pattern as written. I like that the cowl is "reversible" but not the same on both sides.  

Attempt at self portrait - I never see my family in the daylight hours during the week and on the weekend I always forget to ask Mr. Wonderful to take a pic.  But self pictures are pretty common among knitters, so I'm in good company there. 

The seaming was interesting too - a three needle bind off.  I thought about  Kitchener stitch, but again went with the pattern.  I really like the different textures of this piece with the two sides and also the rib formed by the seam.

Below is a more close look at the stitches.  I really like how it turned out, and it is so snuggly and warm. It's a bigger "profile" around my neck than I'm used to, but it works.  I knit this up while traveling to Seattle, Olympia, and Portland to visit colleges for Teen Wonder and to see some family (briefly).  It was snowing when we left but we really got out in just the knick of time last week!

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