Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FO's in the face of repeated bouts of illness - I will persevere!

I know it's halfway through January already - but Happy New Year!

I haven't gotten too much crafty goodness accomplished in the past couple of months.  It's just been...well...rough around here.  My body just can't seem to get the message from my brain that I have better things to do than be sick and sleep and rest.  I haven't even dared yet to put any resolutions for the new year to paper...but perseverance will be my motto, and health my main goal.  Since making stuff makes me happy, I want to continue as much as possible - but the late night sessions will need to be curtailed so I won't be as productive, I'm imagining.

blah blah blah...I only made a couple of Christmas gifts this year as a result of all that stuff - and overall, that is okay. I don't have so very many crafty friends or family who really are impressed by handmade (sadly). My immediate family get these types of gifts as they roll off the needles, so they are understanding. But I do have a few people I like to make things for to go along with a charitable contribution "gift" at Christmas. For example, the only thing my mom asked for was another zippered pouch - I had made her a Noodlehead Gathered Clutch last year and she liked it so much she found herself wanting zippered pouches for other uses like carrying a little notebook and such.

I think you can never have too many zippered pouches - do you?

Since mom was here over Christmas, I snuck in a pouch just under the wire - I used Keyka Lou's pattern for a zip pocket pouch. I think it turned out pretty well - it was hard to know the first try where to place the applique so the pouch would fold up correctly but I came pretty close.

The Applique is from Meringue designs - I love her modern embroidery patterns!

I have all this denim from some old curtains in Wild Thing's room before it became Teen Wonder's room - endless amount of fabric! (IKEA curtains originally - they were so long!)

Here's the pouch opened up - it has a pocket to slip a notebook into (a little one), and a zippered pocket.  I think this would make a perfect small wallet and plan to make more of these.  The lining was a random FQ from my stash - I don't remember where it came from.

Mom seems happy with it - I was in such a rush to get it finished before she left that I totally forgot to take any photos - so thanks mom for sending these pix!

I have at least 3 other little projects that I've finished recently too...but no photos yet. So stay tuned...for the moment I'm healthy-ish and back at work. I'd like to get more blogging in too!

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