Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger award!

What a nice surprise to find in your mailbox! Cassie at domstiCass gave me the Stylish Blogger award!

I feel so honored to receive this fun award that's been circulating around lately!  Thanks so much Cassie!! Please drop by her blog and take a look around. p.s. She is having a giveaway as part of this award.!

In accepting this award, I have agreed to do a few things:
  1. To thank the blogger who nominated me and link back to her blog  (check!)
  2. Share 7 things about myself
  3. Nominate 6 newly discovered bloggers for the Stylish Award
  4. Let my nominees know so that they can share their award with others.

7 things about me
(why are these sharing things always so hard?)

1)  I love Doritos, the nacho flavor original.  I didn't always like them, and I never buy them - but whenever there's a lunch meeting at work I grab the Doritos from the chip basket before anyone else can get them.

2) I'm a science nerd. When your mom makes fun of you for being a nerd because you are reading some non-fiction nerd book while lying on a beach in Spain, then you know you really are even though you never have reached Acceptance of this fact.

3) I wish I were fluent in at least one other language. It's sort of embarrassing when you work for an international company and you can't get past phrase-book level in any foreign language. I wasn't brave enough to really practice in public even when I studied Spanish for over 3 years.

4) I'm an Episcopalian. I'm not a very good Christian, because it's tough for science nerds to accept much of the miraculous faith part of religion. I didn't go to church for a huge chunk of my life in the middle, but as I get older, I feel like I really dig who Jesus was and what he tried to teach.

5) I've had type 1 diabetes for 31 years.

6) I break rules when they make no sense and are counterproductive.

7) I've occasionally been accused of being a perfectionist - which always makes me laugh because I NEVER do anything perfect (and it drives me crazy).

The fun part! - 6 newly discovered bloggers: There are so many great bloggers - but some of my new "discoveries" have obviously been discovered already by hundreds (or even thousands) of followers.  So I tried to stick to those who have fewer than 100 followers - the fewer the newer I figure. Go follow them!! Also, some of the newer discoveries I've found have already been awarded the Stylish Blogger so I didn't hit any of those...this was a tough choice.

 - Bry at A Blond Quilts - I like the name of her blog (hehe), and she has a great sense of color. Check out one of my favorite projects - the Jam Session quilt.

 - Suzanne at Girl For All Seasons - I love how she incorporates hand embroidery into her beautiful projects, and that she made a quilt for Modern Relief Japan (raffle unfortunately closed for legal reasons), but the money was to go to Mercy Corps - one of my favorite charities.

 - Sarah from Pings and Needles - she has the most fascinating "about me" page (Me Me Me) because she's had such a fascinating life.  Right now she appears to be in Berlin and seeing the most fabulous crafty colorful things. I wish I'd seen her posts 2 weeks ago since I just went to Berlin on business. Of course I would likely not have had a chance to check out too much...but it would have given me a different set of eyes for the city.

 - Ali at a-squared(w) - You have to check out her tutorials page! I love them all and plan to make at least 2 of them this year.  Plus she's a middle school rockstar math teacher.

 - Dawn at quilted by dawn - seriously beautiful quilts! She got my attention taking on the Crazy Mom Quilts postage stamp QAL - wow! And check out her queen size Single Girl quilt.

 - Lisa at The Red Headed Mermaid - she uses so much color! Check out her Leftovers quilt - this is an inspiration for me to just dive into some fabrics without too much overplanning.

Go check out some of these blogs!

Last note - I should have realized that Berlin may be rich with crafty inspiration and sources - I snapped this photo of a clothing store that had floor to high ceiling windows wrapping around a quarter city block and lined all with antique sewing machines!  It was so awesome.


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination Janet! That is so kind of you!!! Hugs! Also I am a huge science nerd too! I even work in a natural science museum!

  2. That was such a nice nomination for a fun award, thank you! I will post about your blog and the award soon. What a great way to get to know some of the other new quilt bloggers out there, thanks!

  3. congrats! I don't think Doritos eaters could ever be perfectionists. Just sayin'.