Friday, March 4, 2011

The post that time forgot...

um. I think I started writing this post about a month ago and then never had time to finish it. But I still love this little instant gratification project, so what the heck. I'll post it now!

Anyone else out there chronically forgetting to photograph their projects?  It's especially problematic when you've just given a gift and then realize you don't have a photo. I didn't think about this too much before I started using Flickr and then blogging.  

Well, actually when I first learned to knit I kept a detailed little journal of each project. When that notebook filled up, I was already having trouble keeping up due to multiple WIPs and always finishing gifts at the last minute.  Anyway, I wish I did a better job of this. Ravelry helps with the journal urge, but you still don't have a photo if you never took one. duh. And also I need to learn some basic skills in photography of crafted items. I'm sure that taking your own picture wearing your item is acceptable - I see it all the time in other people's Ravelry and knitting blogs. But it isn't very high quality photography. I have an even tougher time with quilts and other projects...

Oh well. The red muffler above was a recent FO, not a historical one - and it was the first thing I've knit in awhile for myself and I've gotten several compliments over the past couple of weeks that I've been wearing it. (yay!)  One skein of bulky yarn from a sale bin - don't remember what it was, but it surprised me because knit up it turned into a really nice non-itchy wool blend, so I should look for the ball band around here. I got the button at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley (love that store soooooo much).  I also made a really nice little muffler in a really lovely yarn (full price was worth it even) with a different pattern just before this one and gave it to a friend.  It was beautiful.

did I take a photo of it?

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