Sunday, January 9, 2011

A knitted FO! - the Heather Hoodie for Teen Wonder...

Yay - I finally got Teen Wonder to put on the hoodie vest I finished for Christmas for some photos. If they are cropped a little much, it was to spare her the embarrassment of her mother posting a picture of her PJs on a public blog. The vest actually fits perfectly and looks really fun on her, so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The pattern is "Heather Hoodie" from KnitScenes Fall 2009 issue. I saw this online and then had to track down the issue somewhere because I knew I wanted to make it for the Teen Wonder right away.  On Ravelry, we looked through the versions others had made, and TW fell in love with a deep purple with red buttons - so that's what I made for her.  The hood is absolutely, disproportionately humongous! I offered to TW to make it smaller, but she opted for the full size. It's useful for the grim reaper look if that's what she's feeling like on any given day.

This is not the best picture of my girl - she's very tall, but I've cut off her legs in the pictures as I mentioned...and her face is overexposed.  The color of the actual vest is closer to the bottom photo sans girl.  I was too impatient to wait for some perfect day when she wears it with an actual outfit and the weather is decent... (what a bad mom!)

I do really like this pattern - the cabling was not too tricky for a novice, and the bulky yarn knits up fairly quickly. But I can't get over the hood! If I ever knit another one up for myself, I'll definitely modify (plus it was a boring lifetime to knit after finishing the rest of the garment!

Below photo was just after blocking - the color is more true for the yarn, but the buttons are a bit more orange in this photo...

I guess that's the last handmade Christmas gift to show...I did piece together a quilt top for a Christmas throw during my vacation/recuperation week after Christmas, but I guess I'll save that for another time (next holidays?). I have too many other things to do, crafty or otherwise, to actually quilt it yet. I was going to send it out for quilting at my local quiltshop because I've been so happy with that in the past, but the quilter has a knee injury and isn't taking any projects right now. Since it isn't a rush, maybe I'll get to the quilting myself before next holidays (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that's a good one!). Either way, there's no rush.

I do have another post to do on's a little sneak peek for anyone out there who's looking.

 These are a pair of pillows I made using machine embroidery stitching patterns from Meringue Designs - a seller who was on etsy only, but recently opened a website at . I highly recommend this vendor! Very modern designs and reasonably priced too! Anyway, the pair of bird pillows are for our living room, but I have two other pillows in addition and one of them is a gift, so I'll post photos on that later this week...

Happy Monday to everyone out there - if it's still Sunday for you I still hope your new week is happy, or at least stress free and productive which is the most I usually hope for any given work week!


  1. Hoodie turned out GREAT. And thanks for your sweet, sweet comment. I spent almost all day in A-town today, lunch at Juanita's, Park St shopping, ice cream at Tuckers, and dinner bought at TJ's. Thanks for being awesome! :)

  2. i am so glad you like my designs! thanks for the shout out. the pillows are darling :) cynthia