Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabulous Fanime Fiona Finish!

Perhaps some of my readers recall around this time last year when I made a costume for Teen Wonder to wear at FanimeCon - a Comicon spin off conference that is held each year in San Jose. Virtually EVERYONE who attends wears Cosplay - comic book, anime, sci-fi, or otherwise similarly geeky fictional characters.  I drove Teen Wonder and a friend down to SJ, and actually left them for the weekend. They are with a large group of friends who are all going off to college in a few months, so this is practice. Plus I did "chaperone" last year - basically the whole downtown is crawling with nerdy teens and young adults, and I didn't know where our teens were the vast majority of the time.  We will be checking in regularly with texts this year to monitor how things are going.

Last year, Teen Wonder was "Vocaloid Rin" for cosplay and I made a relatively elaborate costume for her. It was fun, and I like making costumes, and especially for my kids.

And this may be the last one I make for Teen Wonder, as she's graduating and going off to college in the fall.
(do I feel sad? sort of, but mostly excited for her)

This year?  Fiona from the Gender-bender episode of "Adventure Time". Adventure time is our favorite show to watch as a family - it's on cartoon network on Monday evenings (the new episodes, but it's on other times as well).  I've featured Adventure Time once before when I endeavored to make a Finn hat for Wild Thing for Christmas. The regular version features Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. The gender bender version (just one episode) features Cake the Cat and Fiona the Human.

How is this a Friday Finish?

I made a hat with longer ears that stick up (the challenge)
I made a backpack
I made a blue denim miniskirt.
I made a Cake.
I found the longest striped socks I could.
The full effect! She just needs a large pink jewel that transforms into a sword. I know, I know. But I ran out of time!
Fighting stance
Close up of the backpack - completely improvised using felt and flannel and a big button and a functional zipper so it can actually be used to carry stuff around in.
Since I didn't know of any friends dressing as Cake, I made one to go with the Cosplay. (However, I notice that Cake didn't get packed. Maybe Teen Wonder is planning to meet some cute Cake in San Jose? (not cuter than mine though).
Yeah, she's bad-ass (Fiona), but also adorable!
It's been 3 weeks since my last  confession post.  I do have an almost finish to share - my Fat Geese Quilt top is now a quilt. I'm hand stitching the binding, but it's proving to be a longer task than I planned. Firstly because it is pretty large (72in x 72in), and secondly I used a pre-washed flannel for the backing and maybe I need to go dig out a sharper needle!  Just a couple of preview pix:

I can't wait to finish this one - it's been quite awhile since I finished the top - and it's already a hit around here even though you risk getting stuck with a needle in the thigh if you throw it over you at the moment.

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  1. that's a great costume you made for your Teen Wonder :)

    your fat geese quilt looks so great, I can see why it is hard to wait to put it to use! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! have a great weekend :)

  2. Great costume, and I love that quilt!! Whoop whoop!!

  3. Great costume! and love it when a quilt is used before it is finished!