Friday, August 12, 2011

Giveaway winner courtesy of Mr. Random Number Generator

Figuring out blogging little by little...since this is my first giveaway I had to figure out how to add comment numbering to my blog last week. This week I looked up and added a widget (gadget) to generate random integers (see sidebar). You can go to and generate a random integer anytime right there too, without the widget.

Anyway, I had 21 comments, and Mr. Random Number Generator over there chose

comment 3 

Beth Hoch said...

Hey Janet! Happy Anniversary!
I am a long time crafter, first time commenter ... Has been a very full summer. Looking at colleges for Emma ... (You are probably doing the same thing) ... Ada broke her ankle. Waiting for more sun! Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas .
Hey Beth, congratulations!  I remember some of your crafty goodness from what seems like so long ago now! Hard to believe that our girls are Seniors this year - yikes! Walking to Kindergarten at Edison with you guys doesn't feel that long ago somehow.  Anyway, I will be emailing you, and you can let me know where to drop the goods!

Thanks so much to everyone for entering, and now that I have the ability to run a giveaway I will have to come up with more excuses in the future!

As for any actual updates this week, well I haven't had time for crafting much for the past couple of weeks - off-site meetings, busy summer craziness, and Nana visiting (aka my wonderful mom) have taken a higher priority. And now we are packing and off to the Lair! for our annual family camp experience. What is the Lair! you ask? It's summer camp for the whole family, complete with platform tents, campfires, singing songs, swimming pool, hikes around the lake, party boat cruising, star-gazing, horseshoes, softball, scrabble...and don't forget the cocktail parties and the occasional mid-afternoon nap. nice.  It's in the Sierras and run by the Cal Alumni association, and it is something our whole family gets excited about every year. This will be our fifth summer going.

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