Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday finishes (or "I owe it all to my insomnia...")

I had a real problem sleeping this week. Actually ever since I got home from New Jersey last Friday. I even tried drugs (Ambien) after watching TV, reading, playing mindless games on my iPod, and just lying there in bed thinking I should go to sleep. So a couple of nights ago I went to my crafty corner, cleaned up a bit and then dragged out all kinds of fabric into a big mess again to figure out something to make.

I have 2 zippered pouches to show for it now. Both just made up more or less based on some skills I built following tutorials. My favorite pouch tutorial is this one from Noodlehead.

For this first one, I used the dimensions and instructions for that pouch in the tutorial, but instead of patchwork, I stitched out this little bird on a branch embroidery (from Meringue Designs). I used some denim yardage that I believe came from scraps of ultra-long curtain panels from IKEA that I had cut and hemmed for Wild Thing's room (now Teen Wonder's room) back in 2005. It's a nice weight for bags and I have lots left so I will be using it again soon.

The stitch colors and zipper tie together with this floral print lining made from a cotton in my stash.

I used some of the gathering technique from another tutorial from Noodlehead (Gathered Clutch) while trying to design a pouch with a gathered look. I really like the style and overall look of the pouch, especially the argyle contrasting fabric and the pink zipper and lining. And the gathered shape is exactly how I pictured it would come out. But I will make some changes and try this one again. There were too many layers at the top for installing a zipper well (at least for this advanced beginner). There are some minor puckers in the lining and uneven bits on the exterior.  But I think I can figure it out. I even might make a tutorial if it comes out well the next time. I need to learn how to make a proper tutorial. I also need a better camera. My birthday is coming up - so I'm researching (well, I will research next time I have insomnia) the Digital SLR options for entry level price point.

I'm not sure where these will make their homes yet. I've got some PIF (pay it forward) gifts to fulfil and there are always gift opportunities. And then there is just me who may decide to keep one of them!

I'm linking up with Sarah's Whoop Whoop Friday Linky party - please go take a look at the other links! That's where I'm headed next...


  1. Such cute bags, Janet!! At least you put your insomnia to good use!!! Whoop whoop!!

  2. Wonderful. I love the appliqued one. As much as I love to sew, lining a bag and putting in a zipper would certainly cure my insomnia! Both really nice bags. Great finish!

  3. Whoop! Whoop! These pouches are fabulous. :D